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NORML | January 18, 2018
 Representatives Lieu and Amash Introduce Legislation Ending Funding For Marijuana Suppression
Rep. Ted Lieu
Rep. Ted Lieu
Congressman Ted W. Lieu D-CA and Congressman Justin Amash R-MI have reintroduced HR 4816: The Stop Civil Asset Forfeiture Funding for Marijuana Suppression Act. The measure restricts civil asset forfeiture funds from being used for the Drug Enforcement Agencys Domestic Cannabis Eradication / Suppression Program. The bill would prohibit the transfer of property that would be used for cannabis eradication from a federal or state/local agency and ensures precious federal resources are not wasted on marijuana eradication. With the Justice Department having rescinded Obama-era....
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Smell The Truth | January 18, 2018
 Pre-roll tech: A top marijuana CTO explains how to roll over 5 million joints in a year
Mitchell Wagner, co-founder and CTO of Wagner Dimas Inc
Mitchell Wagner, co-founder and CTO of Wagner Dimas Inc
Oscar Pascual
As cannabis smoking accessories become more advanced and hi-tech, theres nothing that beats a well-rolled joint. The success of Wagner Dimas, Inc. is living proof. The company, co-founded by CTO Mitchell Wagner, developed a platform that led to the manufacturing of over 5 million pre-filled joints and cones in 2017 by far the most made in California, and perhaps the world. Wagner Dimas platform has been licensed in California to the company Herban Engineers, which uses the technology to produce and package pre-rolls for over 30 top brands, cultivators and dispensaries ac....
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NORML | January 17, 2018
 Just Introduced: The Marijuana Justice Act is in the House

Justin Strekal
Today, Representative Barbara Lee of California along with over a dozen original co-sponsors have introduced the Marijuana Justice Act into the House of Representatives. Im proud to introduce the Marijuana Justice Act bold, progressive legislation to address the legacy of racial bias in marijuana enforcement and to end the failed War on Drugs, said Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Today, we are asking Congress to turn the page on decades of unjust marijuana prohibition and forge a new path forward. Its past time that we take decisive action to right the wrongs from decades of m....
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The Washington Post | January 17 | SAN FRANCISCO
 Once pot friendly Northern California county bans marijuana
FILE - In this Sept. 29, 2017 file photo, sheriffs deputies seize marijuana from a growing operation in unincorporated Calaveras County, Calif. Calaveras County in rural Northern California county has reversed course and banned marijuana farms, opening itself to lawsuits from growers who previously received permits and paid taxes.
FILE - In this Sept. 29, 2017 file photo, sheriffs deputies seize marijuana from a growing operation in unincorporated Calaveras County, Calif. Calaveras County in rural Northern California county has reversed course and banned marijuana farms, opening itself to lawsuits from growers who previously received permits and paid taxes.
(image:Noah Berger)
Paul Elias
A previously pot friendly rural Northern California county has reversed course and banned commercial marijuana farms, paving the way for lawsuits from growers who previously received permits and paid taxes. A newly constituted Calaveras County board of supervisors last week voted 3-2 to ban marijuana, giving some 200 farmers with permits about three months to wind down operations. The vote to ban occurred less than a month after California authorized retail sales of marijuana for recreational use in cities and counties that approve of pot operations within their borders. ....
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Bloomberg | Jan 16, 2018
 Phil Murphy sworn in as N.J. governor, vows to legalize marijuana
Elise Young
Philip Dunton Murphy was sworn in as New Jerseys 56th governor, vowing to make good on economic promises unfulfilled by his Republican predecessor and counteract what he called catastrophic social and fiscal policy by the Trump administration. Murphy, 60, a former U.S. ambassador to Germany and Goldman Sachs senior director, pledged to help foster a stronger and fairer New Jersey that creates higher-wage jobs, increases public-school funding, provides free access to community college, helps small businesses and ensures the wealthiest pay their fair share in taxes. He also ....
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Los Angeles Times | 01/16/18
 State attorneys general want Congress to give banks the go-ahead to work with marijuana companies
California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra and top law enforcement officials in other states want Congress to make it easier for banks to work with marijuana companies.
California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra and top law enforcement officials in other states want Congress to make it easier for banks to work with marijuana companies.
(image:Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)
James Rufus Koren
Californias top law enforcement official and his counterparts in 18 states and territories say Congress must act to end the banking industrys prohibition on serving the marijuana industry, calling the current state of affairs a public safety threat and a hindrance for law enforcement. In a letter sent Tuesday to leaders of the House and Senate, California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra and other state attorneys general urged Congress to pass legislation that would provide legal protection for banks that accept deposits from state-licensed cannabis businesses. From Our Partners:....
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Marijuana Policy Project | Jan 16, 2018
 Massachusetts Governor Vows to Uphold Legal Marijuana Laws

On Friday, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker reinforced that Massachusetts will respect the will of Massachusetts voters. In response to Jeff Sessions decision to rescind Obama-era rules that protected state-legal marijuana markets, state and local law enforcement officials vowed that they would not raid retail marijuana establishments that were operating in compliance with state law. Shortly thereafter, Gov. Baker echoed those sentiments, stating, We have two laws in Massachusetts: One that was passed by voters several years ago around the establishment of medical marijuan....
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The Joint Blog | January 16, 2018
 Washington Lawmakers Pass Legislation to Legalize Personal Marijuana Cultivation

Anthony Martinelli

Washington States House Commerce and Gaming Committee has passed legislation that would allow those 21 and older to grow marijuana for personal use.
House Bill 2559, filed by Representatives Brian Blake D and Cary Condotta R, would authorize an adult age 21 or over to possess six or less marijuana plants and up to 24-ounces of useable marijuana harvested from the plants. The measure specifies that no more than six marijuana plants may be grown or possessed on the premises of a single housing unit under the authorization, regardless of the number of residents living on the premises. House Bill 2559 must now pass through a second committee before it can be voted on by the full House of Representatives. If approved by the....
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The Joint Blog | January 17, 2018
 Washington Committee Approves Bill Prohibiting Cities from Banning Medical Marijuana Cooperatives

Anthony Martinelli

Legislation that would prohibit cities in Washington State from banning or adding new regulations to medical marijuana cooperatives was passed yesterday through its initial legislative committee.
House Bill 2471 was approved yesterday by the House Commerce and Gaming Committee. The measure, filed by Representative Steve Kirby D, would make it so that Counties, cities, and towns are prohibited from enacting any regulations pertaining to medical marijuana cooperatives absent an express grant of authority from the state. Under the proposal, state law regarding coops which allows 10 patients to come together to grow and share cannabis at a share location preempt all city laws. This is important given that several cities in the state have placed bans or moratoriums on....
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The Joint Blog
 Study: Medical Cannabis Legalization Associated with Reduced Violent Crimes in States Bordering Mexico

Anthony Martinelli

The introduction of laws legalizing medical cannabis is associated with reduced violent crimes in U.S. states bordering Mexico, according to a new study published by The Economic Journal.
[T]he introduction of medical marijuana laws MMLs leads to a decrease in violent crime in states that border Mexico, states the abstract of the study, titled Is Legal Pot Crippling Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations? The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on US Crime. The reduction in crime is strongest for counties close to the border less than 350 kilometres and for crimes that relate to drug trafficking. In addition, researchers found that MMLs in inland states lead to a reduction in crime in the nearest border state. Our results are consistent with the theory that de....
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NORML | January 12, 2018
 Sixty-nine Members Of Congress Sign Letter ToJustin Strekal Congressional Leadership
Justin Strekal
Since 2014, members of Congress have passed annual spending bills that have included a provision protecting those who engage in the state-sanctioned use and dispensing of medical cannabis from undue prosecution by the Department of Justice. The amendment, known as the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment, maintains that federal funds cannot be used to prevent states from implementing their own state laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession or cultivation of medical marijuana. In the wake of Attorney General Jeff Sessions recent actions, it is time to expand simila....
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Marijuana Business Daily | January 11, 2018
  Is this the year state legislatures lead the charge to pass recreational marijuana laws?

Omar Sacirbey
While not likely to be as historic as the legalization wave of 2016, this is expected to be a watershed year for the cannabis industry. For the first time, from all indications, state legislatures are poised to pass recreational marijuana legalization laws, with the East Coast being the most fertile ground for such efforts. Vermont appears to be leading the charge after state lawmakers Wednesday approved legislation permitting citizens to possess and home grow marijuana. Republican Gov. Phil Scott said he will sign the legislation. So far, the recreational cannabis laws ....
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The Joint Blog | January 12, 2018
 New Federal Bill Would Stop Jeff Sessions From Prosecuting State-Lawful Marijuana Entities

Anthony Martinelli

Representatives Barbara Lee D-CA and Don Young R-AK filed a resolution today HR 4779 that would prohibit the federal government from enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized the plant.
The federal government should respect the will of the voters in states that have voted to decriminalize cannabis, says Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Its time to stop wasting taxpayer money on the failed War on Drugs. Im proud to introduce the REFER Act, which would prevent the Attorney General and others in the Trump Administration from stifling the budding cannabis industry. Lee says that if the federal government chooses to interfere in these state matters, its up to Congress to prevent this harmful overreach. With the Justice Department having rescinded Obama-era directive....
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The Oregonian | Jan 11
 Nearly 1 in 5 legal pot shops involved in stings sold to underage
Noelle Crombie
Nearly 20 percent of state-licensed marijuana retailers sold marijuana to underage shoppers in a recent series of undercover visits by regulators. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission sent people younger than 21 into 86 licensed stores across the state in December. Of those, 16 allowed underage people to purchase the drug. In each case, the underage volunteer carried their own government-issued identification. Steve Marks, executive director of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, called the results of the decoy operation ``unacceptable.`` Top state officials, includin....
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