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The Cannabist | JUN 6, 2017
It`s the first new qualifying condition added under the state`s medical marijuana law since it was implemented in 2001
 After years of lobbying by veterans, Colorado adds PTSD as medical marijuana condition
Alicia Wallace
Post-traumatic stress disorder is now a qualifying condition for doctor-recommended medical marijuana in Colorado. Gov. John Hickenlooper on Monday signed Senate Bill 17 into law. The bill opens the doors for Colorado residents to receive a doctors OK to use medical marijuana in the treatment of PTSD symptoms. Its the first new qualifying condition added under the states medical marijuana law since it was implemented in 2001. The states eight other qualifying conditions are: cancer, glaucoma, HIV or AIDS, cachexia, persistent muscle spasms, seizures, severe nausea, and se....
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The Oregonian | June 5, 2017 | WASHINGTON
 Medical pot might be helpful for veterans, says Veterans Affairs chief

(image:Beth Nakamura/Staff)
After Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin delivered his State of VA speech, his problem-plagued department was, unexpectedly, connected to two highly contentious political issues - medical marijuana and climate change. Shulkin didnt mention either controversy during his prepared remarks, delivered in the White House briefing room Wednesday for increased exposure, but they were raised in back-to-back questions from reporters. Each is a delicate issue for the physician Shulkin. Hes a scientist devoted to improved care for veterans and a top official in a Trump administr....
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The Daily Cronic | June 2, 2017 | CONCORD, NH
Governor Sununu: ``I want to thank the legislature for passing common sense marijuana reform.``
 New Hampshire Lawmakers Finally Pass Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana

Getting busted for small amounts of marijuana in a state whos motto is Live Free or Die will soon no longer result in the possibility of jail time.
Shortly after lawmakers in the New Hampshire Senate voted to approve a bill to decriminalize marijuana in the Granite State, sending the measure back to the House to approve a few minor changes made in the Senate, Governor Chris Sununu said he would sign the measure into law. I want to thank the legislature for passing common sense marijuana reform, Sununu said in a statement. I look forward to signing House Bill 640 into law. Before the Governor can sign the bill into law, House Bill 640 returns to the House of Representatives, which overwhelmingly approved the original....
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| June 4, 2017
 Review Identifies 140 Controlled Clinical Trials Related to Cannabis

Paul Armentano
Scientists have conducted over 140 controlled clinical trials since 1975 assessing the safety and efficacy of whole-plant cannabis or specific cannabinoids, according to a new literature review published in the journal Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences. A pair of German researchers identified 140 clinical trials involving an estimated 8,000 participants. Of these, the largest body of literature focused on the use of cannabis or cannabinoids in the treatment of chronic or neuropathic pain. Authors identified 35 controlled studies, involving 2,046 subjects, assessing the us....
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Marijuana Business Daily | June 5, 2017
 Retail cannabis chains are on the rise in Colorado

Eli McVey
As Colorados retail marijuana market matures, a growing number of stores are controlled by a handful of retail chain operators. Its a sign the cannabis industry may be headed in a direction similar to traditional retail businesses, where players like a Wal-Mart or Home Depot squeeze out smaller mom-and-pop stores. In Colorado, chain retailers are opening more stores across the state than those entrepreneurs who are opening stand-alone shops. Roughly 9 percent of recreational retailers in the state currently own and operate three or more stores up slightly from 7 percen....
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Marijuana Business Daily | June 6, 2017
 Prosecution of marijuana attorney could impact industry, fellow lawyers say

John Schroyer
he week before Memorial Day, California lawyer Jessica McElfresh was charged with multiple felonies by the San Diego County district attorney. Her alleged wrongdoing? Conspiracies to commit a crime and obstruct justice and manufacturing a controlled substance. But a number of cannabis industry attorneys have another word for the charges: retaliation. The reason, they say, is simple. District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis was embarrassed that her office lost in court to McElfresh when a judge ruled the DA must return $100,000 to James Slatic and his family. The money was confis....
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Smell the Truth | May 31, 2017
 New York could soon allow women to use medical marijuana for period pain

Oscar Pascual
New York lawmakers believe its time to let women treat menstrual cramps with the help of cannabis. The New York Assemblys Health Committee passed an initiative last week to add dysmenorrhea the medical term for severe period pain to the states list of approved conditions that qualify for medical marijuana use, reports Newsweek. This is a womans health issue and for years women have suffered in silence. Theres Midol. You can take Advil, but really nothing more, said Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal to Newsweek. Men have really been [the ones] whove run state hous....
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Smell the Truth | June 2, 2017
 California moves closer to becoming a marijuana sanctuary state

(image:David Downs)
June 2, 2017
California may soon protect its citizens from federal laws conflicting with the states legal marijuana policy. The state Assembly approved a bill on Thursday prohibiting state and local police from assisting in enforcing federal marijuana laws, reports the Los Angeles Times. The measure introduced by Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer D-Los Angeles would shield Californians complying with state pot laws, such as dispensary owners and recreational users, from state or local police actions. AB 1578 ensures that our limited local and state resources are not spent on federal ma....
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The Weed Blog | JUNE 2, 2017
 Marijuana Decriminalization Policy Implementation Begins in Israel

The Weed Blog has done a fair amount of coverage of the cannabis policy and research that is happening over in Israel. In fact, just a couple months ago, marijuana law reform activists even took to the streets to protest and demand marijuana legalization, but adult-use/recreational cannabis is still not legal as of yet. However, now, after approval by the Israeli government in March, Israels new cannabis decriminalization policy, has officially came into effect. This will begin a new legal approach towards the recreational use of marijuana in the Jewish state. According....
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The Oregonian | May 25, 2017
 Study: Marijuana compound helps some kids with severe epilepsy
Extensive clinical trials involving marijuana have been limited because of its federal classification as a controlled substance.
Extensive clinical trials involving marijuana have been limited because of its federal classification as a controlled substance.
(image:The Associated Press)
A medicine made from marijuana, without the stuff that gives a high, cut seizures in kids with a severe form of epilepsy in a study that strengthens the case for more research into pot`s possible health benefits. ``This is the first solid, rigorously obtained scientific data`` that a marijuana compound is safe and effective for this problem, said one study leader, Dr. Orrin Devinsky of NYU Langone Medical Center. He said research into promising medical uses has been hampered by requiring scientists to get special licenses, plus legal constraints and false notions of how r....
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Marijuana Business Daily | May 26, 2017
 Week in Review: WV process begins, Oregon medical cannabis expansion & possible Florida license increase

Omar Sacirbey, John Schroyer and Bart Schaneman
West Virginia starts developing a medical marijuana blueprint, Oregons MMJ industry may get a shot in the arm, and Florida could issue more business licenses under its existing CBD-focused program. Heres a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week. Pretty good start for West Virginia West Virginia regulators have started trying to figure out how to implement the states new medical marijuana law, and at least one supporter likes what he sees. I think were off to a pretty good start, said Keith McMillion, executive director of t....
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The Seattle Times | May 22, 2017 | LOS ANGELES AP
 Californias legal pot law helps reduce, erase convictions

(image:AP Photo/Brian Melley)
Jay Schlauchs conviction for peddling pot haunted him for nearly a quarter century. The felony prevented him from landing jobs, gave his wife doubts about tying the knot and cast a shadow over his typically sunny outlook on life. So when an opportunity arose to reduce his record to a misdemeanor under Californias voter-approved law that legalized recreational marijuana last year, Schlauch wasted little time getting to court. Why should I be lumped in with, you know, murderers and rapists and people who really deserve to get a felony? he said. Most Read Stories I didnt ....
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NORML | May 23, 2017
 President Trump Compliments Leader Who Executes His Citizens for Drug Charges

Erik Altieri
If the latest comments and memos coming out of Attorney General Sessions Department of Justice didnt raise concerns about the Trump Administrations potential plans to reignite our nations failed war on drugs, his recent call with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte should sound alarm bells. A reminder: President Duterte has extrajudicially executed thousands of his own citizens on drug charges during his tenure leading the country. The Washington Post received a transcript of the phone call and describes Trumps comments on Dutertes drug policy as follows: in their call....
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The Joint Blog | May 24, 2017
Vermont Governor Phil Scott has vetoed a bill to legalize marijuana, saying its possible a compromise could be reached during the summer.
 Vermont Governor Vetoes Marijuana Legalization Bill

Anthony Martinelli
Senate Bill 22 would have legalized the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana, and the personal cultivation of up to two mature plants four immature, for those 21 and older. The measure was approved by the Senate 20 to 9, and by the House of Representatives 79 to 66. The proposal is the first legalization bill to ever be approved by a state legislature the eight states with legal cannabis did so through the initiative process. We are disappointed by the governors decision to veto this widely supported legislation, but we are very encouraged by the governors offer to wor....
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