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The Oregonian | May 25, 2017
 Study: Marijuana compound helps some kids with severe epilepsy
Extensive clinical trials involving marijuana have been limited because of its federal classification as a controlled substance.
Extensive clinical trials involving marijuana have been limited because of its federal classification as a controlled substance.
(image:The Associated Press)
A medicine made from marijuana, without the stuff that gives a high, cut seizures in kids with a severe form of epilepsy in a study that strengthens the case for more research into pot`s possible health benefits. ``This is the first solid, rigorously obtained scientific data`` that a marijuana compound is safe and effective for this problem, said one study leader, Dr. Orrin Devinsky of NYU Langone Medical Center. He said research into promising medical uses has been hampered by requiring scientists to get special licenses, plus legal constraints and false notions of how r....
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Marijuana Business Daily | May 26, 2017
 Week in Review: WV process begins, Oregon medical cannabis expansion & possible Florida license increase

Omar Sacirbey, John Schroyer and Bart Schaneman
West Virginia starts developing a medical marijuana blueprint, Oregons MMJ industry may get a shot in the arm, and Florida could issue more business licenses under its existing CBD-focused program. Heres a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week. Pretty good start for West Virginia West Virginia regulators have started trying to figure out how to implement the states new medical marijuana law, and at least one supporter likes what he sees. I think were off to a pretty good start, said Keith McMillion, executive director of t....
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The Seattle Times | May 22, 2017 | LOS ANGELES AP
 Californias legal pot law helps reduce, erase convictions

(image:AP Photo/Brian Melley)
Jay Schlauchs conviction for peddling pot haunted him for nearly a quarter century. The felony prevented him from landing jobs, gave his wife doubts about tying the knot and cast a shadow over his typically sunny outlook on life. So when an opportunity arose to reduce his record to a misdemeanor under Californias voter-approved law that legalized recreational marijuana last year, Schlauch wasted little time getting to court. Why should I be lumped in with, you know, murderers and rapists and people who really deserve to get a felony? he said. Most Read Stories I didnt ....
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NORML | May 23, 2017
 President Trump Compliments Leader Who Executes His Citizens for Drug Charges

Erik Altieri
If the latest comments and memos coming out of Attorney General Sessions Department of Justice didnt raise concerns about the Trump Administrations potential plans to reignite our nations failed war on drugs, his recent call with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte should sound alarm bells. A reminder: President Duterte has extrajudicially executed thousands of his own citizens on drug charges during his tenure leading the country. The Washington Post received a transcript of the phone call and describes Trumps comments on Dutertes drug policy as follows: in their call....
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The Joint Blog | May 24, 2017
Vermont Governor Phil Scott has vetoed a bill to legalize marijuana, saying its possible a compromise could be reached during the summer.
 Vermont Governor Vetoes Marijuana Legalization Bill

Anthony Martinelli
Senate Bill 22 would have legalized the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana, and the personal cultivation of up to two mature plants four immature, for those 21 and older. The measure was approved by the Senate 20 to 9, and by the House of Representatives 79 to 66. The proposal is the first legalization bill to ever be approved by a state legislature the eight states with legal cannabis did so through the initiative process. We are disappointed by the governors decision to veto this widely supported legislation, but we are very encouraged by the governors offer to wor....
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The Washington Post | May 12 | ST. PAUL, Minn.
 Iowa looks to team up with Minnesota for medical marijuana
Potter and Linley Sanders  AP
Top state lawmakers are trying to work out a system allowing Iowa residents to start buying medical marijuana oils and pills in Minnesota, a novel arrangement that could raise issues with the federal government. Iowa could join more than two dozen states with medical marijuana programs under a bill awaiting Gov. Terry Branstads signature. That legislation would expand a limited 2014 law, allowing more patients to buy the low-dose medication from in-state dispensaries by December 2018. But in the meantime, Iowa residents could look to Minnesota. A provision of the bill spe....
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The Daily Cronic | May 12, 2017 | CONCORD, NH
Governor Sununu: ``I want to thank the legislature for passing common sense marijuana reform.``
 New Hampshire Governor Will Sign Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

The Daily Chronic Staff
Shortly after lawmakers in the New Hampshire Senate voted to approve a bill to decriminalize marijuana in the Granite State, sending the measure back to the House to approve a few minor changes made in the Senate, Governor Chris Sununu said he would sign the measure into law. I want to thank the legislature for passing common sense marijuana reform, Sununu said in a statement. I look forward to signing House Bill 640 into law. Before the Governor can sign the bill into law, House Bill 640 returns to the House of Representatives, which overwhelmingly approved the original ....
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NORML | 5/13/17
 Weekly Legislative Update 5/13/17

Justin Strekal,
So much to talk about this week, so lets start with our favorite villain, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This week, Sessions superseded the 2010 Holder Memo, regarding DOJs policy on charging and sentencing decisions establishing what I like to now refer to as The Sessions Doctrine, in which he directed the the thousands of assistant U.S. attorneys to pursue the most serious offenses are those that carry the most substantial guidelines sentence, including mandatory minimum sentences. NPR reports: Holder had asked prosecutors to avoid slapping nonviolent drug offenders w....
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The Joint Blog | May 11, 2017
A bill to allow those convicted of a marijuana possession misdemeanor to have the conviction sealed from their criminal record has been approved by Colorados full legislature.
 Bill Allowing Sealing of Marijuana Misdemeanors Approved by Colorado Legislature

Anthony Martinelli
House Bill 1266 has now been approved by the full House of Representatives and Senate, sending it to Governor John Hickenlooper for consideration. Hickenlooper has yet to state whether he will sign the measure into law, allow it to become law without his signature, or veto it. According to the measures official summary; The bill allows persons who were convicted of misdemeanors for the use or possession of marijuana to petition for the sealing of criminal records relating to such convictions if their behavior would not have been a criminal offense if the behavior had occurr....
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Smell the Truth | May 12, 2017
 California AG ready to defend legal marijuana from feds

Oscar Pascual
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is ready to deal with any federal actions that would interfere with his states legal pot laws. In an interview with Politico Californias David Siders and Carla Marinucci on Wednesday, Becerra said he wont back down to the possibility of a federal crackdown, should U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions take any action against both the recreational and medical marijuana laws in place. I would love to see Jeff Sessions come to California and tell us were not going to move forward on cannabis. Something tells me that its not gonna happ....
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NORML | May 11, 2017
 Atlanta City Council Considers Decriminalization of Marijuana

Tom Cain
On Monday, May 15, 2017, the City Council of Atlanta, Georgia will vote on an ordinance that would decriminalize the possession of one ounce or less of marijuana within Atlantas City Limits. Under Georgia law, the possession of one ounce or less is an arrestable offense that could result in up to a $1000 fine and 12 months in jail. This ordinance would allow for the issuance of a citation which carries a $75.00 fine. The ordinance would only apply to the Atlanta Police Department. Other agencies operating within the City, such as the State Patrol and Fulton County Sheriff, ....
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NORML | May 11, 2017
 Delaware Legislature Advances Full Legalization To Full House Vote

Justin Strekal
Never in the history of Delaware has a marijuana legalization bill passed out of committee yet these days NORML chapters throughout the country are writing a new future. After organizing of heroic proportions, Delaware NORML has driven the phone calls, lead the meetings, organized the town halls, and created momentum so strong that yesterday, HB 110, to legalize and establish a regulatory system for distribution, passed committee 7 to 2. Senate Majority Whip Margaret Rose Henry, the author of the states medical marijuana legislation and sponsor of HB 110s Senate companio....
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Marijuana Business Daily | May 12, 2017
 Week in Review: Vermont OKs rec, judge sides with cannabis businessman & Florida lawmakers fail to set MMJ rules

John Schroyer, Omar Sacirbey and Bart Schaneman
Vermont legislators legalized recreational marijuana, a judge rules in favor of a cannabis businessman at odds with San Diegos prosecutor, and Florida lawmakers miss their deadline to set regulations for the states MMJ market. Heres a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week. Vermont wades into rec If Vermont Gov. Phil Scott signs an adult-use legalization bill passed by the Legislature, he would open a limited number of MJ business opportunities. He could also pave the way for commercial rec marijuana sales in a regulated mar....
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The Joint Blog | May 11, 2017
New Hampshires Senate has just passed a marijuana decriminalization bill which has already passed the House of Representatives.
 New Hampshire Senate Passes Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana

Anthony Martinelli
House Bill 640 was approved today by the Senate, roughly three months after it was passed by the House of Representatives with an overhwleming 318 to 36 vote. Given the proposal was amended in the Senate, it will need to receive one more vote in the House before being sent to Governor Chris Sununu for consideration. House Bill 640 is sponsored by Representative Renny Cushing with a bipartisan coalition of sponsors. The measure would decriminalize the possession of up to three-quarters of an ounce of marijuana, reducing the charge from an arrestable misdemeanor to a simple c....
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