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The Cannabist | NOV 20, 2017 | LOS ANGELES
 Countdown to California recreational cannabis: Where, when, how it will work

Michael R. Blood
California has published the rules that will govern its legal marijuana economy in 2018, giving businesses and consumers a glimpse into the future. But there are important steps before legal recreational sales kick off on Jan. 1, and even more uncertainties about how the marketplace will function. Warning: Dont count on being able to stroll into your local dispensary on New Years Day to celebrate with a pot cookie or joint. Why are the regulations important? They form the framework of the new pot economy, estimated to be worth $7 billion. Can you make animal-shaped edible....
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The New York Times | NOV. 19, 2017 | BOSTON
 Some Massachusetts Towns Going to Pot, After All
They may not be mad about reefer, but a growing number of Massachusetts communities are leaving their borders open to commercial marijuana businesses, bucking a wave of bans and moratoriums that followed voter approval of legal recreational pot. Recent votes in several cities and towns against prohibitions on pot shops have cheered advocates for the nascent cannabis industry who say it could signal that communities around the state are slowly concluding that potential benefits, including a boost in tax revenues and the driving out of illegal dealers, outweigh the drawbacks....
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NORML | November 20, 2017
 Michigan: Legalization Coalition Turns in 360,000 Signatures to Place Issue on 2018 Ballot

Paul Armentano
Proponents of a Michigan voter initiative effort to legalize and regulate the personal use and retail sale of cannabis today turned in more than 360,000 signatures in an effort to qualify the measure for the November 2018 ballot. Advocates must possess a total of 252,523 valid signatures from registered voters in order to place the initiative the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act on next years ballot. The initiative permits those over the age of 21 to possess and grow personal use quantities of cannabis and related concentrates, while also licensing activ....
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NORML | November 8, 2017 | Athens, Ohio
 Ohio City Completely Depenalizes Marijuana

The Athens Cannabis Ordinance better known as TACO to completely remove all penalties for possessing, cultivating, and gifting of up to 200 grams of marijuana was approved by voters on election day by a vote of 77 percent to 23 percent. In November 2016, four Ohio municipalities Newark, Logan, Roseville, and Bellaire passed similar depenalization ballot measures. Under Ohio state law, minor marijuana possession offenses are classified as a minor misdemeanor, punishable by a fine, but no jail time or criminal record. Voters overwhelmingly approved of TACO because the c....
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Marijuana Policy Project | Nov 08, 2017
 Poland to Allow Medical Marijuana in Pharmacies

Poland became the latest country to allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes this week. The Independent reports: Under new regulations that came into force on Wednesday cannabis from imported plants can be processed at Polish pharmacies as long as it has been logged with the countrys Office for Registration of Medical Products. Pharmacists are already prepared to make the drugs, according to the Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber PPC. A spokesman said: Given the fact that there are nearly 15,000 pharmacies in Poland, an overwhelming majority is authorised to make p....
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Marijuana Business Daily | November 9, 2017
 Failed deal, red ink, dwindling sales put MassRoots on the ropes

John Schroyer
At one point, MassRoots was flying high, raising millions of dollars from investors and attempting to become the first cannabis company listed on the Nasdaq. Over the course of 2017, however, the marijuana-centric social media network has nosedived and now finds itself in a precarious position. Consider the following recent developments: Last month, the companys board of directors abruptly fired CEO and founder Isaac Dietrich for undisclosed reasons. A much-heralded $12 million stock deal to acquire the tech firm CannaRegs was scrapped just after Dietrichs ouster. MassR....
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Smell the Truth | November 13, 2017
 New York allows PTSD patients to use medical marijuana

(image:David Downs)
Oscar Pascual
New York military veterans and others diagnosed with post-traumatic stress will now be able to enter the states medical marijuana program. Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Veterans Day signed legislation that adds PTSD to the list of qualifying health disorders for medical cannabis, according to an AP report. Our veterans risked their lives in order to defend the ideals and principles that this nation was founded upon and it is our duty to do everything we can to support them when they return home, Cuomo said. New York joins Arizona, Colorado, and Illinois as states that legally all....
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The Weed Blog | 11/13/17 | PORTLAND, Ore.
Everybody Loves Rep. Earl Blumenauer D-OR and the Cannabis Fund PAC
 Support the Cannabis Fund PAC
Longtime marijuana advocate and congressman Rep. Earl Blumenauer D-OR has begun a PAC to fight lawmakers that are against legalizing weed. The new political action committee is called the Cannabis Fund.
Longtime marijuana advocate and congressman Rep. Earl Blumenauer D-OR has begun a PAC to fight lawmakers that are against legalizing weed. The new political action committee is called the Cannabis Fund.
Longtime marijuana advocate and congressman Rep. Earl Blumenauer D-OR has begun a PAC to fight lawmakers that are against legalizing weed. The new political action committee is called the Cannabis Fund. The Cannabis Funds goal is to change the stigma associated with medical marijuana and to turn voters to candidates that support legalizing marijuana. Blumenauer wants to use any revenue raised by the PAC to block anti-marijuana legislatures like Texas congressman, Rep. Pete Sessions. Sessions has stood in the way of legislation that would allow veterans to get medical marij....
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Marijuana Business Daily | November 9, 2017
We believe hemp-derived CBD oil will be the first to be deregulated. Were building our business entirely focused on that event, said Patrick Frankham,
 Canada awaits hemp boom, with companies pivoting to capitalize on CBD

Kristen Nichols
Excitement about hemps market potential is white-hot in Canada, where hemp production already overwhelms the United States and changing regulations could unleash a huge new market for CBD products. Company after company in Canada is gambling that the government will soon dramatically expand how the nations 120,000 acres of hemp can be used. In particular, marijuana businesses, food companies, pharmaceutical firms, investors and entrepreneurs expect the Canadian government in coming months will make it easier for growers and processors to extract CBD from hemp leaves and ....
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Marijuana Business Daily | November 8, 2017
 Leading US marijuana retailer LivWell takes significant ownership stake in Canadian producer

Matt Lamers
One of the largest marijuana retailers in the United States has acquired a significant equity stake in an Alberta cannabis producer, a move that could pave the way for other U.S. companies to enter the Canadian market. Denver-based LivWell Enlightened Health purchased the undisclosed stake in Lethbridge, Alberta-based 51st Parallel, Marijuana Business Daily has learned. The deal essentially makes the Canadian company a LivWell affiliate. Executives from the two privately held companies confirmed the transaction but declined to disclose the financial terms of the deal. ....
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The Joint Blog | November 8, 2017
New Jersey voters have elected Philip D. Murphy as their next governor.
 New Jersey Governor-Elect Vows to Legalize Marijuana in First 100 Days

Anthony Martinelli
The election of Governor-elect Murphy comes as amazing news to advocates of marijuana legalization; the former Wall Street banker says he has a plan to legalize marijuana in his first 100 days in office. If successful, New Jersey would become the 9th state to legalize marijuana for personal use. Governor-elect Murphys position on legalizing marijuana couldnt be further from the position of outgoing Governor Chris Christie, who staunchly opposes legalization and has done everything in his power to weaken the states medical cannabis program. Christie is leaving office with th....
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The Washington Post | November 7 | INDIANAPOLIS
 Indiana prosecutors pushing against medical marijuana
Associated Press
Indianas county prosecutors remain vehemently opposed to any form of marijuana legalization and insist the plant is not medicine. Thats according to a letter the Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys has sent to Gov. Eric Holcombs drug czar. It comes as state Rep. Jim Lucas of Seymour says he is 100 percent full throttle on pursuing medical marijuana legislation. The libertarian-leaning Republican faces long odds during the session beginning in January. But the fact that a Republican is pushing the measure marks a significant change. The prosecutors association sa....
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The Cannabist | NOV 6, 2017 | AUGUSTA, Maine
``We`ve legalized gasoline, but not gas stations here,`` said Rep. Martin Grohman, I-Biddeford, before the failed override vote.
 Maine marijuana sales up in air after lawmakers fail to override govs veto
Patrick Whittle
Maine lawmakers failed Monday to override Republican Gov. Paul LePages veto of a bill to regulate and tax the sale of marijuana, dealing a setback to cannabis advocates who want to see the product in stores. Lawmakers needed a two-thirds majority in both chambers Monday evening to override the veto and fell well short. The result means lawmakers will have to go back to the drawing board in January to craft rules governing the sale of marijuana in Maine. The result came after LePage urged lawmakers to scrap the bill and start over. He has cited concerns including how the T....
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NORML | November 5, 2017
 Legalization Alone is Not Enough, How We Create A New Market Matters
Aubrie Odell
In March of this year, Oakland City Council implemented the Equity Permit Program for aspiring marijuana entrepreneurs in the new green economy. This program is designed to address the past disparities in the cannabis industry by giving priority to the victims of the war on drugs and minimizing barriers to entry into the industry; ultimately trying to level the playing field within the medical cannabis arena. The Oakland City Council found that the Black community has been dramatically overrepresented in cannabis-related arrests in the past 20 years, accounting for 90 perce....
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