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Welcome to the National Bud Review, a guide to the marijuana industry across the US, and a forum of industry news and opinion. We support the legalization of marijuana by providing access to relevant news and editorials, and we support respected local stores, growers, and businesses by communicating up to date information about products and services.

This website is designed to be interactive and is dependent on feedback and reviews from visitors like you. Please help us provide up to date information on local businesses that include your favorites, and let us know if a business is closed or unsatisfactory. You can help by submitting a comment, correction, review, or new listing. Your input can be anonymous, and it will be incorporated into the National Bud Review.


The Seattle Times | March 8, 2014 | OLYMPIA
Lawmakers in Olympia now will negotiate a final bill to overhaul the states lightly regulated medical-marijuana system and merge it with the legal recreational market still taking shape.
 Senate passes new rules for medical marijuana
    A measure to overhaul the states medical-marijuana system cleared the Senate on Saturday as the state moves to merge that largely unregulated market with the still-developing legal recreational market. Senate Bill 5887 passed 34-15 and now heads to the House, which passed a similar measure last month. Both chambers will now negotiate a final bill to reconcile the medical market with the recreational market approved by voters in 2012. The changes under the bill sponsored by Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, include reducing the amount of marijuana and the number of plants patients can possess, doing away with collective gardens and establishing a patient registry. Rivers called the measure a framework and said it was the very best attempt to protect our patients and their rights while making sure we meet Initia .... Open the source in new window
The Denver Post - | 03/10/2014 | DENVER
 Colorado marijuana sales tax results expected this week
The Associated Press
    Colorado is waiting for its first look at the recreational pot market this week when the Department of Revenue reports how much money dispensaries paid in sales taxes in January. The department indicated it may release January sales tax figures on Monday. It would be the first accounting of how many people bought pot when retail sales began in January. The tax haul is expected to outpace projections of about $70 million this year. Lobbying has already grown intense at the C.... View more in new window
The New York Times | MARCH 6, 2014 | SEATTLE
 Providers of Medical Marijuana Face New Fears
    There should be, one might think, a note of triumph or at least quiet satisfaction in Muraco Kyashna-tochas voice. Her patient-based cooperative in north Seattle dispenses medical marijuana to treat seizures, sleeplessness and other maladies. And with the state gearing up to open its first stores selling legal marijuana for recreational use, the drug she has cultivated, provided to patients and used herself for years seems to be barreling toward the mainstream. But her one-w.... View more in new window
The Denver Post | 03/04/2014
 Lafayette passes retail marijuana regs
Doug Pike - Colorado Hometown Weekly
    Lafayette City Council on Tuesday passed a revised set of regulations governing retail marijuana sales as well as marijuana cultivation and manufacturing operations. Council approved on second reading a set of four ordinances pertaining to medical and retail marijuana operations which establish setback requirements between marijuana businesses, limit the number of cultivation and manufacturing operations in the city and permit the co-location of medical and retail marijuana .... View more in new window
Huffington Post | 03/06/20
 Marijuana Taxes in Colorado -- An Early Clue
Pat Oglesby
    Across America, lawmakers are eyeing tax revenue from legalized marijuana. Colorado and Washington are each officially expecting over $100 million annually in marijuana excise taxes. In a few days, the Colorado Department of Revenue is due to report how much marijuana tax was paid there for January, the first full month of recreational sales anywhere ever. But the report on January collections will tell us next to nothing about what other states can expect, and only a little.... View more in new window

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