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VANCOUVER SUN | August 28, 2015 | Vancouver
Of those, 69 have the potential to be licensed as compassion clubs
  Vancouver receives 176 applications for marijuana-related businesses in `gold rush`

(image:A board showing different products for sale at The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary, a medical marijuana store in Vancouver)
Tiffany Crawford
A Vancouver city councillor says that when the dust settles, fewer than one in 10 people or groups who have applied for the citys new coveted medical marijuana business licenses will be able to open. On Friday the city said it had received an astonishing 176 applications for so-called legal dispensaries, well up from the more than 110 now operating illegally in Vancouver. Of those applications, 69 were from groups describing themselves as compassion clubs, which would qualify for greatly reduced business licence fees of $1,000. Those applying for retail licenses have to pa....
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TheJointBlog | August 29, 2015
 Study: Use of Pipes Most Common Consumption Method Among Cannabis Consumers

A new study published online ahead of print in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine details what the most common consumption methods are among current cannabis consumers, finding that the use of pipes is the most common, followed closely as in only a 0.3 percent difference by the use of joints. For the study, researchers from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Emory University assessed survey data from thousands of people aged 18 and older in regards to their method of consumption for cannabis and their current reason for using the plant. According to research....
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The Weed Blog | August 29, 2015
 Medical Marijuana for Autism Is Denied In Michigan

Rick Thompson
These tired eyes, which were filled with hope four short weeks ago, are now closing in disgust. The state of Michigan has denied allowing doctors to recommend marijuana for the treatment of autism. On July 31, a panel of mostly doctors voted to add autism to the list of conditions qualifying one to use medical marijuana in Michigan. They weighed the evidence compiled by the petitioner Lisa Smiths team and evaluated the character of the testimony they heard from parents of sick children and medical professionals. They read peer-reviewed studies. National tests. Pages and p....
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The Weed Blog | August 29, 2015
 Portland Hempstalk Will Return To Portland After A Lengthy Battle

Johnny Green
Hempstalk has been a part of the Oregon marijuana scene since the very first Hempstalk in 2005. Whenever I go to events in other states, Hempstalk is usually the Oregon event that they are most familiar with that is dedicated entirely to cannabis. The Oregon Country fair is another one that comes up a lot, but that event is not geared towards cannabis, although its very popular with cannabis consumers. The City of Portland has taken issue with previous Hempstalk events due to the open consumption of marijuana at the event. The consumption didnt cause any harm, but even in a....
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The Weed Blog | August 29, 2015
 What Is Cannawater?

Johnny Green
I was at Udoxi Scientific laboratories in Portland, Oregon recently, and the Udoxi owners showed me something I had not seen before cannawater. I have seen cannabis milk, and obviously tinctures and other liquid cannabis products before, but I had not seen cannabis water up until that point. It seems like a no brainer idea, but its actually not as easy to make as other liquid cannabis products. A lot of people that Ive talked to about it think its just boiling cannabis in water, but thats not how its made. Below is a great description about that, via Star City Plaza: ....
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The Huffington Post | 08/28/2015
 The People the Pot Laws Forgot

Amos Irwin
In 2012, Lucy, a certified nurse`s assistant CNA and single mother of two young children, was riding home on the train when a mentally disturbed woman began shouting at her. Police officers in the next car noticed the commotion. They searched Lucy and found a few joints` worth of marijuana in her purse. Lucy was arrested and spent four days in jail. She lost her job and was sentenced to ten months of probation for marijuana possession. The state suspended her driver`s license and charged her over $5,000 in court costs, probation bills, and drug test fees plus $150 for a psy....
View more in new window | August 27, 2015
 New Report: The Feds Are Obsessed With Drug Prosecution

Tom Angell
Drug offenses make up the biggest share of federal criminal cases, and marijuana cases account for over a quarter of those, a new federal report reveals. According to the data, the feds convicted more than three times as many marijuana defendants as people who produced or possessed child pornography. Among drug cases, the feds convict more than twice as many people for marijuana than for heroin. Only methamphetamine convictions make up a bigger share or drug cases than marijuana does.....
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International Business Times | Wed, Aug 26, 2015
 University of British Columbia: Strains of marijuana consistently mislabelled

Sean Martin
Research conducted by members of the University of British Columbia and Dalhousie University in Canada has allowed scientists to paint a clearer picture of the evolutionary history and genetic organisation of cannabis. Jonathan Page, a University of British Columbia botanist who co-led the first large scale study, published in PLOS One, of the genetic diversity of cannabis, said: ``Even though hemp and marijuana are important crops, knowledge about cannabis is lacking because of its status as a controlled drug.`` Page and Sean Myles, a population geneticist at Dalhousie Uni....
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Stop The Drug War | August 27, 2015
 Chronicle AM: FL Legalization Init to Roll Out, Dark Webs Largest Drug Market Shuts Down, More

The controversial ResponsibleOhio legalization initiative continues to make news, a Florida legalization initiative kicks-off tomorrow, the Dark Webs biggest drug marketplace is shutting down -- at least temporarily -- and more. Buddie, the Ohio legalization initiative mascot Marijuana Policy Florida Legalization Initiative Rolls Out Tomorrow. An initiative campaign to legalize marijuana in the Sunshine State will begin with a news conference in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow morning. The Sensible Florida PAC will announce a signature-gathering drive for a c....
View more in new window | August 26, 2015 | Columbus
 ResponsibleOhio Takes Misleading Ballot Language to Ohio Supreme Court

ResponsibleOhio today went to the Ohio Supreme Court to challenge the way Issue 3 is set to appear on the November ballot and to appeal for language and a title that better reflects the proposal. The language and title assigned to Issue 3 is demonstrably false. After receiving public comment, the Ballot Board and Secretary Husted crafted the language and title with intent to mislead, deceive and defraud the voters, said ResponsibleOhio legal counsel, former Ohio Supreme Court Justice Andy Douglas. ResponsibleOhio is asking the Supreme Court for an order declaring the ball....
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The Denver Post | Aug 27, 2015
 Denver-based Green Jane acquires Green CO2 of Fort Collins

Alicia Wallace
Denvers Green Jane Inc., a provider of product, business acceleration services and real estate to the cannabis industry, has acquired Fort Collins-based carbon-dioxide equipment firm Green CO2, the companies announced Thursday. Financial terms of the deal between the two privately held firms were undisclosed. Green CO2 provides CO2 equipment and filling services for restaurants and has expanded the service into the cannabis industry for indoor grow operations, said Andy Obermueller, a Green Jane spokesman. Green CO2 is our prototypical acquisition. Its an existing busine....
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The Denver Post | AUG 27, 2015
 Update: Symbol for Colorado edibles gets a tweak, stop sign nixed

The Associated Press
Colorado has backed off a plan to require edible marijuana products to come with a stop-sign stamp. State marijuana regulators released an updated proposal this week detailing the states upcoming requirement that pot-infused cookies, brownies and other foods have a distinct look when outside the packaging. Editorial: A stop sign is akin to asking the industry to put a skull and cross bones on items, writes Denver Post Editorial Board NEW: Get podcasts of The Cannabist Show. Subscribe to our newsletter here. Watch The Cannabist Show. The Marijuana Enforcement Division or....
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The Oregonian | August 27, 2015
 Portland gives Hempstalk festival a third chance, approves 2015 waterfront event
Paul Stanford left, Hempstalk`s organizer, talks with Mayor Charlie Hales on Aug. 27 after the City Council voted to grant the event a 2015 permit.
Paul Stanford left, Hempstalk`s organizer, talks with Mayor Charlie Hales on Aug. 27 after the City Council voted to grant the event a 2015 permit.
(image: Andrew Theen)
Andrew Theen
For the second time in as many years, the Portland City Council voted to grant Hempstalk a permit for its 2015 festival at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. The City Council voted 3-1 Thursday, overturning the Parks Bureau`s decision to deny the permit. The Police Bureau also opposed granting the permit to Hempstalk, a free 11-year-old festival to celebrate and advocate the legalization of marijuana and hemp products. Commissioner Amanda Fritz, who oversees the Parks Bureau, provided the lone dissenting vote. The decision sets the stage for Hempstalk 2015 to occur at or around....
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The Oregonian | August 27, 2015
 Oregon revenue officials planning for influx of cash when marijuana businesses pay sales taxes next year

(image:Beth Nakamura/The Oregonian)
Noelle Crombie
Oregon officials are trying to figure out how to deal with an influx of sales tax revenue from recreational marijuana sales starting early next year. Recreational cannabis sales begin Oct. 1, but won`t be subject to state taxes until Januaru 2016, when under the state`s early sales program, a 25 percent sales tax kicks in. The federal prohibition on marijuana has kept traditional banking generally off limits to the industry, forcing them to rely heavily on cash. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is also planning for large cash deposits from marijuana license holders. ....
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