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The Weed Blog | March 2, 2015
 Some Recreational Marijuana Stores In Washington Are Struggling

Johnny Green
Being a part of the legal marijuana industry is not always profitable. Thats something I have been saying since Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana, and the rush to cash in on the next great American industry started. I was saying it when the growth of the medical marijuana industry started in Western States. A lot of people think that if you open a store or start a garden or invent a marijuana-related product, you will be rich overnight, automatically. That is far from the truth. The marijuana industry has no guarantees. We are seeing that play out right now in Wa....
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The Associated Press | March 1, 2015 | Parkland, Wash.
 Parkland marijuana store opens despite Pierce County ban
A state-licensed recreational marijuana store is open in Parkland despite an official ban on the businesses in greater Pierce County. The Gallery made its first sales Sunday afternoon, after receiving a license from the state Liquor Control Board, KIRO-TV reported . The store heralds itself as a pot shop and art gallery. Co-owner Mike Henery says hes aware of the countys ban, but the county has tolerated many legally dubious medical marijuana establishments, so he thought it was worth the risk to go ahead and open. Our hope is that we will receive n....
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The Weed Blog | March 1, 2015
 Missouri Senator Introduces Marijuana Legalization Bill

(image:Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal )
Johnny Green
Missouri is high on my list of states that could legalize marijuana by the end of 2016. Missouri has the strongest campaign team I have ever seen Show-Me Cannabis, and I always say that if they can legalize in Missouri, they will prove that any state can do the same. Unlike Western and Northeastern states, where views towards cannabis are generally more liberal, Missouri is in the heart of America where reefer madness is much more prevalent. Possession of over 35 grams of marijuana is a felony in Missouri subject to a prison sentence of up to seven years and a $5,000 fine.....
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The Keene Sentinel | March 1, 2015
 Dispensary slated for southwestern New Hampshire
Ella Nilsen
A medical marijuana treatment center is slated to come to the southwestern part of New Hampshire, but details on when it could be here are still scarce. As the N.H. Department of Health and Human Services considers 14 applications to establish four treatment centers across the state, the agency has prioritized a dispensary for Cheshire and Sullivan counties, because of a concern that vendors might not otherwise come to the area, according to Eric D. Borrin, director of contracts and procurement at the department. House: Best Carrier Promo ROS 2015 State regulations were tw....
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The Seattle Times | February 28, 2015
 Day-tripping pot-tour startups see wine-industry future
Kush tour leader Chase Nobles shows members of the tour the step-up platform to see up and over the tall pot plants at Sky High Gardens in their main grow
Kush tour leader Chase Nobles shows members of the tour the step-up platform to see up and over the tall pot plants at Sky High Gardens in their main grow
Evan Bush
Jill Lane, master grower at Sky High Gardens on Seattles Harbor Island, uncaps jar after jar of golf-ball-size marijuana buds and allows her guests sniffs of Bubblicious, Super Silver Goo and Green Crack. What kind of high is that? asks Louise Avery, gesturing to one of the jars. This is for daytime: taking a hike. Beach volleyball, explains Lane to the group of visitors with Kush Tourism, a Seattle-based cannabis company. Lane continues describing strains as if the visitors surrounding the table were middle-age women in a Yankee Candle store. Chocolate heaven, she tells....
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| February 27, 2015
 OLCC doesnt want medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational shops at single location
Oregon Liquor Control Commission OLCC commissioners
Oregon Liquor Control Commission OLCC commissioners
(image:Beth Nakamura/Staff)
Noelle Crombie
The Oregon Liquor Control Commission on Friday made clear where it stands when it comes to medical marijuanas place in a regulated recreational market: All marijuana sold in a recreational shop must be tracked from seed to sale. Its a position with implications for the 223 medical marijuana dispensaries already operating in Oregon. If medical marijuana dispensary owners want to join the recreational cannabis market, the commission wants to make sure theyre tracking everything on the shelves from the start of production until it is sold. We are sending a clear message to t....
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The Weed Blog | February 28, 2015
 Utah Medical Marijuana Bill Moving Forward
Johnny Green
Utah is the latest red state to consider medical marijuana. Yesterday, Utahs Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would allow for the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The bill is expected to go to the Senate floor early next week. Senate Bill 259 from Sen. Mark B. Madsen would create a state registry of medical marijuana patients who could possess and use marijuana. The bill would also direct the state of Utah to issue licenses for cultivators, processors, and dispensaries to qualified patients. I am one step closer to legal access to my medicine, said C....
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The Weed Blog | March 1, 2015
 Marijuana Expungement Bill Filed In Missouri
Dan Viets
Senator Bob Dixon, Republican, of Springfield, has filed Senate Bill 451 which would allow for expungement of almost all marijuana convictions from all public records. This bill specifically authorizes one who has had his or her record expunged to deny that he or she was ever convicted. There are several expungement bills pending in the Missouri General Assembly, but many believe Senator Dixons bill is the one which is most likely to have a chance of passing this year. This bill was drafted by a committee of the Missouri Bar Association on which I served. It has the suppo....
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Westword | Friday, February 27, 2015
 Controversial Medical Pot Caregivers Bill Passes Senate Committee
Senators at yesterday`s hearing for the medical marijuana caregivers bill.
Senators at yesterday`s hearing for the medical marijuana caregivers bill.
Thomas Mitchell
The pool of medical marijuana caregivers and patients could get smaller under provisions of a bill that`s now been endorsed by a bipartisan Senate committee. SB 15-014, sponsored by Senator Irene Aguilar, a Denver Democrat, swept through the Colorado Senate Health and Human Service Committee by a 5-0 vote Thursday, and private caregivers and medical marijuana physicians are bracing for change. The revisions to Colorado`s medical marijuana regulations would require caregivers to register with the state and create stricter guidelines for doctors prescribing cannabis to pati....
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