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The Daily Chronic | May 27, 2015 | Concord, N H
 New Hampshire Marijuana Decriminalization Vote Expected Next Week

Thomas H. Clarke
The New Hampshire Senate is expected to vote next week on a bill that could make New Hampshire the final New England state to remove criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana, despite a recommendation against the bills passage this week by a key Senate committee. House Bill 618, which was overwhelmingly approved by the House 297 to 67 in March, would replace penalties for marijuana possession, which currently could land an offender in jail for up to a year, with a fine-only offense. New Hampshire is the only state in New England where offenders risk j....
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The Seattle Times | May 25, 2015 | Olympia
The law that will change the name July 24 to the Liquor and Cannabis Board also directed the board to decide which unlicensed medical-marijuana shops and grow operations to legitimize by July 1, 2016.
 Liquor Control Board getting new name, more pot control
Seattle Times Staff
Big changes are coming to the state Liquor Control Board, including a name change. The same law that will change the name July 24 to the Liquor and Cannabis Board also directed the agency to decide which unlicensed medical-marijuana shops and grow operations to legitimize by July 1, 2016. The process will involve a merit system, The Olympian reported. The agency assumes 825 unlicensed medical shops will apply for a license and that half will receive one. Most Read Stories says Seahawks have most talented roster in league, and speculate on starting lineup After ....
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Associated Press | May 22 | Jefferson City, Mo.
 Missouri Governor Commute`s Man`s Sentence For Pot Offenses

(image:AP Photo)
A Missouri man sentenced to life without parole for marijuana-related offenses is eligible for parole Friday after Gov. Jay Nixon commuted his sentence. Nixon`s action means 62-year-old Jeff Mizanskey will be eligible for parole immediately. Mizanskey has served more than two decades in prison after being sentenced and convicted as a persistent drug offender under a Missouri law that`s since been changed. His son, 37-year-old Chris Mizanskey, said he was in awe at the news and planned to go see his father in the morning. ``It`s amazing,`` Mizanskey said. ``To be able to ....
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Smell The Truth | May 26, 2015
 Louisiana votes to dial back barbaric pot punishments
Louisiana legislators work to salvage the state`s atrocious penal system, dramatized in the iconic film `Cool Hand Luke` above
Louisiana legislators work to salvage the state`s atrocious penal system, dramatized in the iconic film `Cool Hand Luke` above
David Downs
The South is the worst place in America to use cannabis, but at least things are getting less awful. On Monday, the Louisiana legislature approved a bill to reduce the states draconian marijuana sentences. Personal possession of any amount of pot can earn you six months in jail and a $500 fine in Louisiana. Second and third-time pot possession convictions can equal five or 20 years in prison. SB 241 from New Orleans democrat J.P. Morrell would reduce the max penalty for possession from 20 years in prison to eight, and adds a second-chance provision for first-time offender....
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The Weed Blog | May 26, 2015
Washington is trying to limit reduce the number and shut the rest of them dow
 Washington To License Roughly 400 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Johnny Green
There are medical marijuana dispensaries spread all over Washington State. Many of these establishments have been helping patients access medicine for a long time. Despite these medical marijuana dispensaries being good neighbors in the neighborhoods they operate in, the State of Washington is trying to shut most of them down. The State of Washington announced recently that it would approve roughly 400 medical marijuana dispensary licenses when they are available. Per The Joint Blog: On July 24th, the Washington State Liquor Control Board will be renamed the Liquor and Can....
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NORML | May 25, 2015
 Memorial Day 2015 and Medical Marijuana
Keith Stroup
Along with family picnics and public concerts, as a country we wear poppies and decorate the graves of the fallen on the last Monday in May to honor our soldiers who have died while serving in the military. It is a holiday to remember their great sacrifices to protect our country, our citizens, and our way of life. As we pause to celebrate Memorial Day this year, it also gives us an occasion to consider the sacrifices made by all those who have served, including the tens of thousands of veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD and other emotional problems r....
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Marijuana Business Daily | May 21, 2015
 Conference Day Two Keynotes: Banking and Dealing With MMJ Naysayers
John Schroyer
Watch out for potential lawbreakers as customers. That was just one word of advice offered by Tom Fleming on Thursday morning to a room full of cannabis entrepreneurs at the 2015 Spring Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Chicago. Fleming, a former official with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network FinCEN at the U.S. Treasury, said he had been told by one retailer of a customer who came in on a quarterly basis from out of state to purchase large quantities of marijuana. If the retailer continued to sell to that customer, while suspecting that the purchases may b....
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The Weed Blog | May 24, 2015
Gov. Hogan Vetoes Widely Supported Bill Intended to Fix Maryland Marijuana Decriminalization Law
 Maryland Governor Vetoes Marijuana Decriminalization Fix Bill

Johnny Green
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan R announced late Friday afternoon that he has vetoed a widely supported bill to remove criminal penalties for possession of marijuana paraphernalia, including potential jail time. The measure would also designate public marijuana consumption a civil offense punishable by a $500 fine. SB 517, introduced by Sen. Bobby Zirkin D-Baltimore County, was approved 32-13 in the Senate and 83-53 in the House of Delegates. Maryland adopted a law last year that decriminalized possession of a small amount of marijuana, but it did not include marijuana paraphern....
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The Weed Blog | May 24, 2015
 Attorneys Address Latest Oregon Medical Marijuana Legal Challenges At Portland NORML Meeting

Johnny Green
Our latest Portland NORML membership meeting was held at the Tony Starlight Showroom. Despite a drizzly rain and the start of Memorial Day weekend, activists and supporters enjoyed free coffee and donuts and learned about the challenges we face in moving from legalization to regulation to, eventually, equalization. Our Executive Director, Russ Belville, reported on his latest trip to present and participate in National NORMLs Washington DC Lobby Day. There he was able to interview US Congressman Steve Cohen D-TN, a fiery proponent of ending the war on marijuana consumers w....
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The New England Journal of Medicine | 05/21/2015
 Half-Baked -- The Retail Promotion of Marijuana Edibles

Robert J. MacCoun, Ph.D., and Michelle M. Mello, J.D., Ph.D.
A striking feature of the rollout of the state-legalized retail sales of marijuana has been the tremendous popularity of edible marijuana products. Marijuana brownies have long been a staple of cannabis coffee shops in the Netherlands, but the new products are quite different. They are skillfully produced and packaged to closely mimic popular candies and other sweets. These products can now be purchased legally in four states; retail stores are operating in Colorado and Washington State, and voters recently approved retail sales in Alaska and Oregon. The new edibles raise ....
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The Daily Chronic | May 17, 2015 | Boston, M A
 Massachusetts Overhauls Medical Marijuana Dispensary Application Process

Thomas H. Clarke
The process for applying to operate a medical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts was given a much needed overhaul on Friday, allowing dispensaries to be approved in a format similar to how other health care facilities, such as pharmacies, are licensed. Officials from the Department of Public Health DPH said Friday that the new process for licencing Registered Marijuana Dispensaries would begin next month, aimed at streamlining the process for approval and provide better access for patients. Previously announced changes to the application process were expected to be in ....
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NORML | May 18, 2015
 NORML Legislative Fly-In Social Media Campaign
Kevin Mahmalji
Summary: 2015 NORML Legislative Fly-InFor those not able to attend NORMLs Legislative Fly-in, I have put together a list of marijuana-related bills currently pending in Congress as well as the names and Twitter accounts associated with members of specific committees that we plan to target during our social media campaign. By using social media, we will be able to add another layer to our lobbying efforts and will also provide each and every one of our members a chance to have their voice heard on these issues. I encourage all of you to start promoting our Twitter campaign ....
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Marijuana Business Daily | May 22, 2015
 Week in Review: Final Conference News, Symbolic MMJ Victory in TX MA Licensing Overhaul

John Schroyer, Becky Olson and Tony C. Dreibus
Final highlights from the Spring Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, the Texas Legislature passes a possibly entirely symbolic victory for medical cannabis advocates, and Massachusetts, embattled by licensing lawsuits, announces big changes in its MMJ licensing application process. Heres a closer look at notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week. More Conference Highlights The final day of the 2015 Spring Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, which drew more than 2,100 cannabis executives from 41 states to Chicago this week, included hours o....
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The Weed Blog | May 22, 2015
 Illinois Senate Approves Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

Johnny Green
Seventeen states have decriminalized marijuana. More and more cities are decriminalizing marijuana as well. One of those cities is Philadelphia, which has already saved over one million dollars by doing so. Currently simple marijuana possession in Illinois carries a penalty of $2,500 and up to a year in jail. Illinois Senate recently passed a bill that would lower that penalty down to no jail time and a fine of up to $125. Per the Chicago Tribune: Republican Sen. Jason Barickman of Champaign voted for the measure, saying it would help ease the states financial woes by redu....
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