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The Weed Blog | May 28, 2015
 Federal Employees Reminded They Cant Consume Marijuana, Even In Areas Where Its Legal

Johnny Green
Marijuana consumption is legal within certain parameters in three states Colorado, Washington, and Alaska and Washington D.C.. On July 1st, Oregons marijuana legalization law will take effect. Anyone over 21 years old can consume marijuana in a private setting in those areas. That is, unless they are a federal employee. The United States Office of Personnel Management sent out a reminder this week that just because marijuana is legal in some states and D.C., that doesnt mean that federal employees can partake. If federal employees do, they can and likely will be fired. Belo....
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Seattle PI | May 20, 2015
 Seattles next: 4 state-licensed marijuana retailers sold to minors
Do not sell this to a kid.
Do not sell this to a kid.
(image:Getty Images)
Jake Ellison
Four Washington recreational marijuana stores sold marijuana to minors. Crap. Crime fighter? Photo: Getty Images Do not sell this to a kid. Photo: Getty Images None of the stores that sold to minors were in Seattle, but then, Seattle stores likely have not been tested yet. They will be. The Liquor Control Board has been running sales-to-minors stings for about a week and have so far checked 22 stores outside of Seattle. Four of those stores failed the test. Keep in mind the minor that the LCB sends to the store has to present his/her true ID. So, either the store workers m....
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Smell The Truth | May 18, 2015
 Colorado governor cracks down on medical marijuana
Oscar Pascual
Colorados governor is setting new regulations for the states medical marijuana program. Gov. John Hickenlooper was scheduled on Monday to sign Senate Bill 14, which would direct state health authorities to set new guidelines for doctors recommending medical cannabis for severe pain, reports the AP. Pain is currently the most common condition found on Colorados medical marijuana registry. Medical marijuana caregivers will also be directed to inform patients that products may not be tested for potency or contaminants under the bills speech. SB 14 will update medical marij....
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NORML | May 18, 2015
 Want To Learn More About Legal Pot? Head to Aspen.
Keith Stroup
We sponsor two legal seminars each year at NORML, one in Key West, Florida, in early December, and the other in Aspen, Colorado, in late May/early June. Those are two wonderful venues for those who are looking for a mini-vacation, in addition to a valuable legal seminar. The 2015 Aspen legal seminar will be held next week May 28-30 at the Gant Hotel. This seminar is available for non-lawyers, as well as attorneys, for those who have an interest in the criminal defense and regulatory side of the legalization movement. And a visit to Aspen, now that marijuana has been legali....
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Westword | Thursday, May 14, 2015
 Recreational Marijuana Sales Top $42 Million In March, Another New Record

Michael Roberts
If you were among those who thought recreational marijuana sales would plateau or perhaps even start to decline by now, you were wrong. Statistics from the Colorado Department of Revenue reveal that in March, the most recent month for which stats are available, pot businesses sold approximately $42.7 million worth of cannabis to recreational customers. Thats a sizable bump over the $39.1 million in February. Medical marijuana sales are up, too, with the March total of $31.9 million representing a more than $2 million increase over February figures. These sales are cont....
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