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Illegal pot dealers still undersell licensed marijuana merchants in Colorado, but their advantage may be fading.
 This Is What Legalizing Marijuana Did to the Black Market in Colorado
Jacob Sullum
On New Year`s Day, when Toni Fox became the first state-licensed marijuana merchant in Colorado to serve recreational customers, nearly 200 reporters crowded into the 3D Cannabis Center while hundreds of customers waited patiently outside the store. ``It was controlled chaos,`` she recalls with a smile. ``We saw close to 500 people that day. We ended up turning away over 300 people.``Business since then has been brisk, validating Fox`s decision to switch completely from medic....
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The Denver Post | 10/28/2014
 Denver police, feds conduct large-scale raids on marijuana grow sites
Jesse Paul, Noelle Phillips and John Ingold
Denver police officers, some in hazmat suits, raided multiple marijuana-growing operations Tuesday, part of an investigation into illegal marijuana sales in Minnesota, a federal law enforcement official said.Federal agents assisted in the raids, which saw investigators haul dozens of high-intensity grow lights and thousands of plants out of the operations. The federal official said as much as $1 million was found in large bags during the searches.The official, who was not aut....
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The Denver Post | OCT 27, 2014,
 Denver marijuana business incubator in works, and perhaps first bank
David Migoya
A Colorado Springs company that leases property to marijuana growers has acquired a former bank building in south Denver with plans to turn it into the industrys first business incubator.And if a consortium of marijuana businessmen cobble together the states first cooperative financial institution, then Advanced Cannabis Solutions hopes to have its first location.The idea is for the incubator space on the second floor, but if theres a banking opportunity, that would be explor....
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Associated Press | OCT 27, 2014 | Manitou Springs, Colo.
 Manitou Springs pot rally disrupted by police
A peaceful pro-pot rally in Manitou Springs was disrupted by police on Saturday after police said vendors did not have permission to serve food.One pro-marijuana group said the police intentionally shut it down while the police said it comes down to paperwork. The rally was being held 10 days before the election.Vote NO on 2G supporters said a vote against the amendment would keep recreational pot sales in Manitou. A vote in favor of 2G would halt the sale of recreational pot....
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The Huffington Post | 10/25/2014
 3 Reasons Why Oregon Should Be Next to Legalize Marijuana
Adam Stites
I`ve got my fingers crossed for our neighbors to the south to join us in a legal weed wonderland, and it`s not for the reasons you might think. I`m a licensed recreational marijuana processor in Washington state, so I do want what`s good for the industry, but I also want what`s good for Oregon since I spent the first 27 years of my life there. I think Measure 91 can be both. Here`s why:1. The timing is right. This could not be a better year for Oregon to take the plunge into ....
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The New York Times | OCTOBER 21, 2014
 A Surprise and a Reversal on Edible Marijuana
Lawrence Downes
Colorado legalized the growing, selling, smoking and eating of recreational marijuana more than 10 months ago, but it still hasnt resolved some major questions about how this new market is supposed to work.The Associated Press reported on Monday that the state Health Department was proposing to ban nearly all forms of edible marijuana, to make it easier to keep children from overdosing. The proposal was one of several ideas presented to a state-sponsored working group conside....
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The Denver Post | OCT 20, 2014,
 Taxpayer refund ahead for Colorado pot revenue?
John Frank
Gov. John Hickenlooper is preparing to release his state budget for the next fiscal year on Nov. 3 the day before Election Day raising the stakes on whether he will support returning money to taxpayers.The timing adds a political complication for the Democratic incumbent. For the first time in 15 years, Colorado tax collections are expected to exceed the revenue cap under the states Taxpayers Bill of Rights, triggering the potential for refunds.The forecast for fiscal year ....
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