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Seattle Times | January 21, 2015
A bipartisan bill would consolidate marijuana excise taxes and create a single tax thats paid when pot is sold.
 Bill aims to simplify taxes on pot businesses
Evan Bush
At Main Street Marijuana in Vancouver, a bottle of marijuana-infused drink additive comes with three pipes. ZootDrops are supposed to be added into a beverage or consumed on their own, so why does the stores promotional pricing tie their sale to pipes? Taxes. Bundling, or selling pipes and marijuana together, is a loophole that some pot businesses believe allows them to sidestep some state and federal tax laws and take more federal deductions. Its one strategy marijuana businesses are using to reduce the tax burden they say threatens to sink the states marijuana system. ....
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The Weed Blog | January 26, 2015
 Marijuana Taxes in Washington Could Get Lowered

January 26, 2015
Washington rolled out legal recreational marijuana sales last year, a lot of customers got sticker shock. Some of my friends were reporting grams costing $25 and higher. A lot of that was due to the fact that there werent many producers operating at the time, so supplies were very low. However, another big contributing factor is taxes. As supplies flooded the market, prices dropped, but they are still around $15 per gram due to Washingtons high tax rate on marijuana. It sounds like there may be some tax relief on the way. Per Marijuana Business Daily: Washington State recr....
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The Weed Blog | January 26, 2015
 Marijuana Meets Tech Investment At Cannabis Industry Arc Tank

Johnny Green
Founders Fund investing into the cannabis sector, more than 275 high net worth investors from around the world will gather in San Francisco for a Shark Tank like pitch forum on Monday, January 26th and Tuesday, January 27th hosted by The ArcView Investor Network. Investor members of the network will be reviewing pitches from more than 20 cannabis-related companies seeking funding. Justin Kan, who recently sold his company to Amazon for close to $1 billion and who is now a partner at the tech industrys top business incubator, Y Combinator will be the keynote speak....
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The Weed Blog | January 24, 2015
 Washington Judge Rules Medical Marijuana Advertising Ban Unconstitutional

Johnny Green
Advertising rules in Washington State against medical marijuana advertising have been harsh. Doctors and other healthcare professionals have been banned from even mentioning marijuana in advertisements. A Washington Judge recently ruled that such a ban is unconstitutional. Per The Joint Blog: Pierce County Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Martin has ruled that its unconstitutional for the state to ban doctors and other healthcare professionals from mentioning or showing cannabis in advertisements. In her ruling, Judge Martin found that the states law banning cannabis advert....
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Seattle PI | anuary 21, 2015
 2015 Legislature: Who should be arrested for marijuana in Washington?
Jake Ellison
This is the essential question at the root of all the latest debates in Washington over medical/gray/black/licensed marijuana markets and bright lines for law enforcement: Who should be arrested for marijuana in Washington? No one? Anyone having anything to do with the federally outlawed destroyer of youth? Anyone who grows without a state-issued license? Anyone who sells without a license? Growers and sellers who dont pay taxes? Your neighbor who gave a joint to his/her significant other? You? The Washington State Legislature will be making that decision this year. Heav....
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The Seattle Times | January 24, 2015
Seattle Times letters to the editor
 Marijuana: Liquor Control Board needs to clean up its act
Kristy Fox
Chris Marr, what have you been smoking? Regulating medical marijuana would be comical if it did not come from a member of the Washington State Liquor Control Board, the entity responsible for the muddle known as recreational marijuana [Medical-marijuana patients deserve a regulated system that is safe and affordable, Opinion, Jan. 19]. Highly trained individuals who are knowledgeable about existing research staffing a storefront dispensary? That kind of pie-in-the-sky wish-mongering created a recreational system catering mostly to tourists locals cant or wont pay for the ....
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Sensible Washington | January 22, 2015
 Why We Oppose Newly Announced Legislation To Combine Cannabis Markets
Sensible Washington
On Tuesday, Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles D-Seattle announced that she will be filing legislation this week to align the currently unregulated medical marijuana system and that of the regulated recreational marijuana system. As part of this proposal, all current medical cannabis dispensaries would be shut down, patients would be able to apply for a tax-exemption waiver, and the number of licensees allowed under the recreational cannabis market would be increased. In addition, the measure would legalize the personal cultivation of up to six cannabis plants for everyone 21 and ....
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The Weed Blog | January 22, 2015
 Proposal In Washington To Shut Down Dispensaries, Legalize Cultivation
Johnny Green
There has been an attack on the medical marijuana industry in Washington for quite some time now. Some blame I-502, some blame a lack of regulations, and some even blame members of the medical marijuana industry in Washington. Regardless of what you feel is the reason behind the attacks, I think we can all agree that they are occurring, which is bad for patients. There is proposal in Washington that would legalize cultivation for those over the age of 21 good, but at the same time would close all medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington very bad. Per The Joint Blog: Ac....
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The Denver Post | 01/21/2015
 Oregon bank opens doors to Colorado marijuana businesses
David Migoya
An Oregon bank is openly offering service to the marijuana industry in Colorado at a time when banks here are lurking mostly in the shadows. MBank, based outside Portland, is part of a growing number of financial institutions, mostly Washington-based credit unions, that are banking openly with marijuana businesses. But it is the first to venture across state lines and the only bank to announce publicly that it is serving Colorado marijuana businesses. The bank said it also is taking marijuana-related deposits in Washington, the other state where recreational pot is legal....
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