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SeattlePI | July 30, 2015
 Legal weed crossing state borders: No big deal?
Vancouver shops like The Herbery see a lot of customers from Portland. Interstate travel with marijuana is already prevalent, and may become even more of a free market now that both states will be competing.
Vancouver shops like The Herbery see a lot of customers from Portland. Interstate travel with marijuana is already prevalent, and may become even more of a free market now that both states will be competing.
Summer Meza
Picture this: Come Oct. 1, you head down to Portland to buy a small amount of Oregons newly legal recreational marijuana. Its a bit of a drive, but maybe youll save a few bucks because of lower taxes there or you just want to give it a try. But, as you cross back over to Washington, youve suddenly broken one of the cardinal priorities set by the federal government to allow marijuana sales in the Northwest carrying state-legal pot across the border. So what now? Well, according to authorities in both Portland and Vancouver, probably nothing. Now that two contiguous states....
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Marijuana Business Daily | July 31, 2015
 Cannabis Credit Union Denied By the Fed, Files Lawsuit
An upstart credit union in Colorado that hoped to serve the marijuana industry and had state backing has been denied a master account by the U.S. Federal Reserve, which threatens to close another avenue for cannabis businesses seeking a bank account. The Fourth Corner Credit Union was reportedly informed earlier this month that it wasnt approved for the master account by the Kansas City Fed. On Thursday night, it filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the decision, saying it wants equal access to the financial system, according to the New York Times. Because of mari....
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Seattle PI | July 27, 2015
 Employees who sold marijuana to underage in sting unlikely to be prosecuted
19 stores across Washington state were found to have sold to an underage individual in a series of Liquor Cannabis Board compliance checks.
19 stores across Washington state were found to have sold to an underage individual in a series of Liquor Cannabis Board compliance checks.
(image:Theo Stroomer/Getty Images)
Washington states county prosecutors have entered murky waters in the ever-evolving legal land of recreational marijuana. Many are still unsure of how to handle charges leveled against state-licensed marijuana retailer employees who were caught making an in-store sale to an underage investigate aid sent in by the Liquor Cannabis Board LCB. In King County, three stores one in Shoreline, one in Kenmore and one in Seattles Wallingford neighborhood are among the 19 Washington stores that now have employees nervously awaiting news if they will be prosecuted. Its hard to say....
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Marijuana Business Daily | July 28, 2015
 WA Cannabis Shops Busted for Selling to Minors
Nineteen Washington State marijuana stores face suspensions and fines after they failed to properly check identifications during a recent sting operation by the Liquor Control Board. Cannabis shops in the state are subject to a 10-day suspension and a $2,500 fine the first time theyre caught selling to minors, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Those caught a second time will be suspended for 30 days, and a third offense results in the loss of the businesss license. While the number of those caught seems high, 88 percent of stores properly checked IDs, the newsp....
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The Weed Blog | July 26, 2015
 Washington State Passes An Open Container Law For Marijuana

Johnny Green
The State of Washington has the worst marijuana legalization law on the books. I think that is common knowledge by now. Washington is the only state in America that has voted to legalize marijuana, yet doesnt allow home cultivation. Washington State recently passed a marijuana open container law which makes transporting marijuana more difficult than it has been since marijuana legalization took effect. Per Newsweek: A new state law, House Bill 1276, will update the states open container laws for vehicles to include marijuana. The law stipulates that marijuana, like alcohol....
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Stop The Drug War | 7/24/15
 Chronicle AM: AZ MJ Probable Cause Conundrum, CDC Warns on MedMJ Edibles, Peyote Protest, More
Two Arizona appeals court panels have offered up clashing rulings this week on whether the smell of pot is still probable cause for a search, Michigan initiative fundraising reports tell an interesting story, changes in Washington state`s medical marijuana program go into effect today, and more. Peyote buttons, sacrament of the Native American Church. Marijuana Policy Arizona Appeals Court Upholds Search Based on Marijuana Odor. Whether the odor of marijuana is probable cause for a search or a search warrant now looks like an issue heading to the state Supre....
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The Oregonian | July 22,
 First planned TV ads for recreational marijuana pulled from Denver station
Noelle Crombie
A Denver TV station that planned to air commercials for recreational marijuana decided to drop the ads due to concerns about the drug`s status under federal law. The Denver Post reports on KMGH-Channel 7 decision to pull the ads, which included one for a company that operates dispensaries in Colorado and another for a company that makes vape pens pre-loaded with cannabis oil. The ads were set to run after the late news and before ``Jimmy Kimmel Live.`` Brad Remington, general manager of the station, told the Denver Post that plans to air the commercials are on hold inde....
View more in new window | JULY 23, 2015
 TBI and PTSD Hits Washington State Qualifying Conditions List This Friday

While this appears to be good news on the surface, positively helping those suffering with Traumatic Brain Injury and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, beginning this Friday. Senate Bill 5052 gives with one hand and takes with the other. When Governor Inslee signed SB 5052 last April, he set in motion the wheels of devolution for Washington State medical marijuana patients. Implementing several odious modifications to the states existing medical marijuana laws: SB 5052 closes scores of collectives/dispensaries, slashes the number of plants a patient can cultivate at any one ti....
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