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| May 25, 2015 | Olympia
The law that will change the name July 24 to the Liquor and Cannabis Board also directed the board to decide which unlicensed medical-marijuana shops and grow operations to legitimize by July 1, 2016.
 Liquor Control Board getting new name, more pot control
Seattle Times Staff
Big changes are coming to the state Liquor Control Board, including a name change. The same law that will change the name July 24 to the Liquor and Cannabis Board also directed the agency to decide which unlicensed medical-marijuana shops and grow operations to legitimize by July 1, 2016. The process will involve a merit system, The Olympian reported. The agency assumes 825 unlicensed medical shops will apply for a license and that half will receive one. Most Read Stories says Seahawks have most talented roster in league, and speculate on starting lineup After ....
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The Weed Blog | May 26, 2015
Washington is trying to limit reduce the number and shut the rest of them dow
 Washington To License Roughly 400 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Johnny Green
There are medical marijuana dispensaries spread all over Washington State. Many of these establishments have been helping patients access medicine for a long time. Despite these medical marijuana dispensaries being good neighbors in the neighborhoods they operate in, the State of Washington is trying to shut most of them down. The State of Washington announced recently that it would approve roughly 400 medical marijuana dispensary licenses when they are available. Per The Joint Blog: On July 24th, the Washington State Liquor Control Board will be renamed the Liquor and Can....
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Seattle PI | May 20, 2015
 Seattles next: 4 state-licensed marijuana retailers sold to minors
Do not sell this to a kid.
Do not sell this to a kid.
(image:Getty Images)
Jake Ellison
Four Washington recreational marijuana stores sold marijuana to minors. Crap. Crime fighter? Photo: Getty Images Do not sell this to a kid. Photo: Getty Images None of the stores that sold to minors were in Seattle, but then, Seattle stores likely have not been tested yet. They will be. The Liquor Control Board has been running sales-to-minors stings for about a week and have so far checked 22 stores outside of Seattle. Four of those stores failed the test. Keep in mind the minor that the LCB sends to the store has to present his/her true ID. So, either the store workers m....
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The Weed Blog | May 19, 2015
 People Under 21 Can No Longer Participate In Medical Marijuana Collective Gardens In Washington

Johnny Green
Washington Senate Bill 5052 was signed into law last month. The bill made sweeping changes to Washingtons medical marijuana program. A lot of patients will be forced back to the black market, or worse, will have to go without medicine altogether. Of course, they could to to recreational marijuana stores, which I think is what Washington politicians want, but the price of recreational marijuana is so expensive in Washington that its simply too costly for most patients. There is a provision of Washington Senate Bill 5052 that I think a lot of people overlooked, and it will l....
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The Weed Blog | May 18, 2015
 Seattle City Attorney To Introduce Plan For Shutting Down Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Johnny Green
Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes held a private meeting recently where he presented a resolution hes planning to introduce to the City Council that would separate medical cannabis establishments into tiers, with the goal of shutting many down in the coming months. Under this proposal which is designed in response to the passage of Senate Bill 5052 the first tier would include those distributing medical cannabis to patients under 21 which is now illegal, and those with a business license obtained after January 1st, 2013. The second tier would consist of outlets that have ....
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The Weed Blog | May 17, 2015
 Oregon Medical Marijuana Action Alert Senate Bill 964

Johnny Green
The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program OMMP is being threatened again by Oregon politicians that refuse to respect the will of the voters. These politicians are supposed to be working on implementing Oregon Measure 91, which legalized recreational marijuana in Oregon for those that are over 21. However, these politicians have spent all of their time trying to use this as an opportunity to attack the OMMP. That is not the job that they were selected to do, and once again, we need to remind them of that fact. Below is an action alert that the Oregon Measure 91 campaign sent out....
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